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Getting a Taiwan tourist visa in the Philippines is fairly easy, especially if you’re employed or have a steady income. It is even easier if you have any of the following valid visas: US, Canada, UK, EU Schengen, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, since you are exempted from the standard Taiwan visa application and would only need to get a Travel Authorization Certificate thru their website, for FREE. Make sure you print out the certificate, which is good for multiple entry and valid for 30 days, on your trip, because you’ll need to present this to the airline staff and immigration.

Everyone in our group of 4 are employed, except for Eira’s boyfriend who is currently studying law. We all got our Taiwan visas approved on our first try, so we must’ve done something right.



  • Accomplished visa application form. Access the visa form thru this link. You may be prompted that the site is not trusted, but just continue. Click “General Visa Application.” Form should be filled out online, printed, and signed (on the last page). Handwritten forms are no longer accepted.
  • PH passport with at least 6 months validity
  • 2pcs. passport size (1.5in x 2in) photos with white background, taken within the last 3 months. Put your name and signature at the back of the photos; paste one on the form and put the other on a small clear plastic and attach to your form.
  • Birth certificate issued by NSO
  • Marriage certificate issued by NSO (if applicable)
  • Additional documents: round trip airline tickets, hotel/guesthouse reservations
  • Certificate of employment
  • Letter of permission to leave from employer (we didn’t submit this but we still got our visas, so we don’t think this will be a deal breaker)
  • Photocopy of company ID or Certificate of Business Registration if self-employed
  • Bank Certificate
  • ITR Form 2316

In addition to items 1-6 listed above, STUDENTS APPLYING FOR A TAIWAN TOURIST VISA must also submit the following:

  • Bank Certificate of parents
  • Affidavit of support from parents
  • Letter of consent from parents
  • Photocopy of school ID
  • School Registration Form

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submit both original and one photocopy of all the documents (except IDs). They will return the original copies upon issuance of your passport.

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Need a checklist on the go? Download our mobile-friendly Taiwan Tourist Visa Requirements list for Philippine passport holders HERE.


Photo by Ivan Angelo

Photo by Ivan Angelo

The Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) is located at the 41st floor of RCBC Plaza – Tower 1 in Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Do take note that filing of visa applications is only done in the morning, 8:45AM – 11:45AM, Mondays to Fridays.

Best to be at the RCBC reception area at 8:30AM (or earlier) to log in, just tell the receptionist that you are applying for a visa at TECO. You will be asked to wait at the smoking area outside the building after doing so. Don’t be complacent and be alert, just because you’ve logged in doesn’t mean you’re already queued. A TECO personnel will go to the waiting area and call out your names for your queue number.

After getting your number, head back to the reception area and hand in a government-issued ID in exchange for a visitor’s pass. Once done, go straight to the 41st floor and wait for your number to be called.

When called, simply hand over your complete requirements to the consul. After he/she is done reviewing your documents, go to the next window and pay the visa fee: P2,400 for single-entry, P4,800 for multiple-entry. DO NOT lose the receipt as this is the only document you will need to present when claiming your passport.

The usual processing time is three (3) working days.


Releasing of passports and documents is done in the afternoon, particularly at 1:45PM – 4:45PM. You can have someone else claim it for you, only document that needs to be presented is the receipt (no need for an authorization letter).

Photo by Ivan Angelo

Photo by Ivan Angelo

IMPORTANT NOTE: Taiwan tourist visas are for single-entry only, with a maximum stay of fourteen (14) days, valid for ninety (90) days from the date of issuance. Given this, make sure you apply not more than three (3) months before your trip.

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