Winter trip on a budget? It’s possible!

Most tourists travel to South Korea to experience winter during December. Airfares are relatively higher for that month though, as it is peak season. For the brave and budget-conscious, January or February might be a better option. The only downside is that the temperature is harsher and can go as low as -25°C.

Being the budget travelers that we are, Ivan and I opted for the latter and settled for promo flights scheduled February 14-20, 2016, booked a year before. This saved us a few thousand pesos, since we paid only a little over P7000/pax compared to the usual price that ranges from PHP10,000 – PHP14,000.

As for our budget during the actual trip, see the table below.

Korea budget Orig

Quick Tip: To get the most out of your hard-earned money, we suggest that you have your PHP exchanged to USD in the Philippines first before converting it to Won in South Korea. Exchange only a small amount (good for a day or two) at the airport, and have the rest of your money exchanged in one of the many money changers in Myeongdong. Look around the side streets and search for the best price before settling on a forex shop.

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