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Artineraries is a passion project between two Manila-based graphic designers who share a love for design, travel, organizing, and careful budget planning.

For years, Eira and Joy have been making personalized, budget-friendly itineraries that they only get to use once, so they decided to share them with the world as they document their travels, both local and overseas. More than these free, downloadable mobile itineraries, they’re also sharing various travel information and hacks, including visa application guides (for Philippine passport holders), accommodation reviews, places to see, and ways to get around.



Eira is a small town girl whose ultimate goal in life is to learn as much as possible and do as many things as she can. Currently working as an art director in Makati, she loves going out on adventures (literally and figuratively), trying new things, and getting lost in new places.



Bush is currently a 4th year law student in Manila trying to balance life, school, and travel among other things. Proud to be a jack of all trades, he is game to try anything at least once.


Joy is a twenty-something graphic designer from Manila. Currently working for a distribution utility giant, she constantly breaks her routine by climbing mountains, flying overseas, island-hopping ad visiting museums whenever she can.



Ivan is an IT guy with a passion for travel and photography. Out of all the countries he has visited across Asia and Europe, Ivan considers Amsterdam as his favorite destination.



Artineraries aims to help fellow travelers with various travel resources and guides for free…

But running and maintaining the site is expensive and time-consuming. If you find us and this site helpful to you and your travels in any way, we would greatly appreciate it if you could also help make Artineraries a sustainable side project so we could keep the site running for years to come. ?

Here’s how you can help support the site:

  • Subscribe to the blog and share our site with your friends and colleagues

    We’ve grown a lot just by word-of-mouth and organic shares online, and every link, share, and/or mention of the site means the world to us ?

  • Share your travels with us through #travelwithartineraries

    We get a lot of inquiries and requests about our free downloadable itineraries, and so we’d like to see your travels with them. Tag us on instagram and facebook or use our hashtag so we can find your photos and share it on our pages as well.

  • Book tours through our partner ads

    We got the chance to join KKday’s and Klook’s affiliate programs where we get to earn commission when visitors purchase through the links and ads we post on our site. You can find these deals on the blog’s sidebar.

  • Hire us to create your customized itinerary

    Need help coming up with an itinerary for your trip? Hire us to make you one. We’ll take care of all the research and planning hassles, so you can just enjoy the journey!  Shoot us an e-mail for inquiries.

Any kind of support is greatly appreciated. Happy travels! ?

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